On the Importance of Cell Phone Signal

It's easy to take for granted how connected we are through the cell phones we carry around with us every day. In less than a minute, you can email your mother across the country, check the weather, RSVP on Tweetvite and post a photo on Instagram of your breakfast. It truly is amazing the power that we hold in our hands sometimes.

Unfortunately, as we found at Tweetvite a few weeks ago, that power can disappear in an instant in situations like Hurricane Sandy. Suddenly the feeling of being connected turns to one of helplessness and isolation...it's like the security blanket has been quickly pulled away and we're left exposed. So, becuase of this, we've been looking into ways to mitigate such an occurence from happening again.

In regards to Hurricane Sandy, some of the local cellular towers in Manhattan went out, causing there to be swaths of dead, or minimal reception, zones for certain carriers. After significant research, we've decided to go with a powerful cell phone signal booster, called the zBoost YX545 dual band repeater, to amplify even the smallest existing signal and prevent the situation where some cell towers might be overloaded or gone completely.

In fact, we've been so impressed with our solution, that we've worked with the folks at UberSignal to get an exclusive discount for Tweetvite users for the month of December.  If you're interested in having your own cell phone signal booster system, then use the code TWEETVITE2012 when checking out at UberSignal.

If you're worried about the same sort of situation, or if you live or work in an area which has poor cell phone reception, we'd highly recommend you looking into a cell phone repeater system to increase your signal and safeguard against future disasters.