Tweetvite Local Accounts, Embeddable Video and Hover Bios

We've been busy building out Tweetvite and wanted to share some of the recent items that have been recently released.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Tweetvite Local Twitter Accounts

As busy as most people are, we don't expect you to be visiting Tweetvite every day to check if new Tweetups have been created in your area.  In order to make it a little bit easier to stay on top of what's happening, we've rolled out Tweetvite Local Twitter Accounts.  Simply follow the account for your city and you'll be updated as new Tweetups are created in your area.   You can find a complete list of the currently supported cities here.

Embeddable Videos

Customizing invitations with colors and pictures is great, but we wanted to step it up a bit in the customization department, so we've rolled out the ability to embed videos directly into your invitations.  We currently support YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Viddler, College Humor, and many more!  Try it out for yourself and see how cool embedded video can be!

Hover Bios

Tweetups are by nature a meetup of people who, for the most part, have never met before.   Obviously you'll want to scope out the guest list before attending the Tweetup and get an idea about other guests and their backgrounds.  Rather than forcing you to spend hours clicking through to each person's Twitter account, we decided to include that information right in the invitation for you.   Simply hover over each guest, and a pop-up bubble will appear with that guest's info in it.

There's been far more functionality released recently than that, but at least you have a taste of some of the great things we're working on.  The next release is going to be a big update, so stay tuned for that!