Tweetvite now supports Facebook Connect

What's better than one authentication system?  Two authentication systems of course!   

One request that we received from early alpha testers of Tweetvite was the ability for guests who didn't have a Twitter account to RSVP.  While this seems to run counter to the idea of Tweetups and using Twitter to organize events, it makes sense that there are individuals who haven't adopted Twitter yet (or ever will) but still would like the chance to attend a Tweetup and meet other interesting people.

Our answer to this request was to implement Facebook Connect as a secondary means of authentication for allowing guests to login and RSVP for events.    While this still might exclude a few individuals who don't have either type of account, we feel these are few and far between, and that this is the best balance of added functionality with minimal additional complexity. 

What happens if I RSVP for a Tweetup with one account, but then login with my other?

In order to solve the problem of juggling multiple accounts, we've created a way for you to tie your Twitter and Facebook accounts together on Tweetvite.  
  1. Simply login with either Twitter or Facebook
  2. Click the "Settings" link under your name in the top navigation bar.  That will bring you to a page where you can add in your other account. 
  3. Once you do that, your accounts will be tied together, and you'll be able to access all of your Tweetups through either account.
     If you've already created or RSVPed to an event with the second account that you add in, then you'll automatically be taken through the "merge process" to verify that you'd like to tie the accounts together.   Simply follow the steps and you should be all set!

We're working on some cool new functionality, so be sure to subscribe to the Tweetvite blog to stay up to date.  If you're a developer, then you'll certainly want to keep an eye out for our next big release!